Saturday, 9 April 2011

The English Language

Yesterday, my 12 year old son informs me he broke a window in my van while playing street hockey with his brothers. On the verge of losing my mind when he smiles and says J.K.
"J.K?? What the hell is J.K?" I ask him.
"Just kidding, mom." He laughs.
Is he kidding??
So, being the person that I am, I go into a long and drawn out conversation about the english language and how these silly abbreviations don't mean anything if no one knows what the definition is.
"Everyone at school says it, and mom, OMG and LOL are now a part of the english dictionary."
WHAT???? Is he J.K? This is absurd! Honestly,what kind of world do we live in when OMG and LOL are credited as actual words????

According to my son there are tons of these new-fandangle type words. AND this generation has become enamored with it. J.K. aside. Soon these kids won't know how to speak proper english. Soon all we'll hear on the streets is a bunch of gibberish - abbreviated words that we will not be able to understand!!

Will we for-go our language and adopt this new idiom of abbreviations? We're not too far off you know. Texts and emails are written this way. Son's and daughter's are trying it on their unsuspecting and clueless parents.
It's only a matter of time before it will replace all sentences.

Prepare yourselves people. A new language will be created, it will be called something fancy, retro, and catchy like AWL AESPAOB!!!

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