Thursday, 7 April 2011

Number One.

Good day! I am blogging for the first time. You will have to bear with me here, as I medle through this first post.
Today was the day I chose to create this page, after much procrastination and biting of the nails, I had a moment of, umm well let's just say insanity. I mean creating a blog is stressful. What will I write about? Will it be interesting? Will anyone care? And what if I have nothing to say!
This is ubsurd! I feel naked, strangely so that I swear I feel a draft.
Okay, breathe. 
This can't be too hard. Write about things you know. Write about topics you are passionate about. Write about the news. Blah! On occasion I may feel the need to post about something on the news, but for the majority of this blog it will be about writing and publishing. How to write, what to write, how to search for that perfect publisher. Do's and Don'ts. I will update on my writing endevors, of course. The struggles and triumphs of being a writer. I will post links to articles pertaining to writing, contests, submission guidelines, and of course some new and old good reads.

So, now that I've started I have to go and find some followers.
Wish me luck!


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