Thursday, 16 June 2011

Brainstorm: A sudden impulse, idea, etc.

I need an idea – a plot. I’m waiting restlessly for a brilliant story to enter my brain. At which point, I am hoping, the plot will thicken and the characters names will come forward. However, until this happens I am stuck – cemented in time.

Thoughts have to enter my head, and soon. I feel the itch. My fingers tingle in earnest with the desire to smash onto the keyboard in a rhythmic tap, tap, tap and create amazing sentences, and dialogue. My mind desperately searches for a place – a perfect destination.

I lay awake at night piecing together the images, the dialogue, and the faces I see and hear. Little by little a shape forms. I squeeze, puncture and massage it into a mould – my sculpture I can now work with and pull apart when I need to.

And once again a story has begun.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Imajin That!

I have some exciting news. On Friday I signed a contract with Imajin Books to publish my novel. My book will be in e book format and paperback. I will actually get to hold a copy of the book I’ve written!! A book!!!! My book!!! Do I sound a little excited? Well that’s because I am!!!!

The blood, sweat and tears that go into writing a novel, or anything for that matter, cannot be something one takes lightly. Every writer knows that when pen touches paper you are depositing a piece of yourself for all to see. You are placing fragments of your very soul within your characters. These written words become a part of you and hopefully your readers. Pages are spotted with your sweat and tears. Moistened and salty, they smell of your trials and tribulations while you meticulously craft your story. Frustration and angst meddle with your mind as you write out a chapter only to rip it up the next day and start over. Limbs become cramped, and aching. Voices shout out orders that only you can hear, waking you up all hours of the night.

You wonder if you will ever be normal again.

This is only the beginning. There will be revising, rereading and rewriting of your story. You will send your novel to an editor, only to do it all over again. You draft a query letter (writers resume) and a synopsis that will take you hours and days to construct.

And then you will be rejected. You will be told you are no good. You will mourn.

And you will survive.

Alas, there is a light at the end of a dark and sometimes tumultuous tunnel. Someone will see your work as magnificent, as a piece of art. They will see your talent, and want to publish you.
Thank you to Imajin Books for giving me this opportunity and for believing in my story.

And thank you to all my friends and family who kept encouraging me, sometimes with a swift kick to the butt, but doing so with a smile and positive words. I love you all!!!