Thursday, 16 June 2011

Brainstorm: A sudden impulse, idea, etc.

I need an idea – a plot. I’m waiting restlessly for a brilliant story to enter my brain. At which point, I am hoping, the plot will thicken and the characters names will come forward. However, until this happens I am stuck – cemented in time.

Thoughts have to enter my head, and soon. I feel the itch. My fingers tingle in earnest with the desire to smash onto the keyboard in a rhythmic tap, tap, tap and create amazing sentences, and dialogue. My mind desperately searches for a place – a perfect destination.

I lay awake at night piecing together the images, the dialogue, and the faces I see and hear. Little by little a shape forms. I squeeze, puncture and massage it into a mould – my sculpture I can now work with and pull apart when I need to.

And once again a story has begun.


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