Sunday, 10 July 2011

Zombie Mom

So today I finished my edits for, Chasing Clovers to be released by imajin books later this year. The edits were exhausting, tumultuous, and a learning experience. I will never, and I mean never use the word turned, or turning again. I also, will not use another word ending with ‘ly’.

Even though I use an editor (who I love) with my novels, a publisher will ask you to make other edits, like the above. A publisher’s job is to make your work the best it can possibly be. And that begins with a deletion of over used words like ‘turned’ or ‘nodded’. So like any writer would, I dusted of my 5000 page thesaurus and set to work looking (another over used word) for other words I could use. The result; deleted text that was not needed, changed words, and a much tighter and concise manuscript. Just like the editor and publisher wanted.

Alas, there was one more thing to do, and I cringe because every writer knows this one. Show don’t tell, darn it! Yes, I showed a lot in the book, but there must’ve been days where I didn’t want to, and told instead.

Well, it is all done and I am a better writer for it. However, the editing process has not come with a bit of, well, obstacles. When I’m writing, or editing I tend to not sleep a full 8 hours. I live off of 5 or 6. I find time in the day when it’s quiet, and the kids are sleeping or away at school to write. But because its summer holidays, I’ve had to change those times to early morning and late into the evening when everyone is still sleeping. I have become a Zombie. This doesn’t bode well for me. I need my sleep, and according to my husband if I don’t get enough I become crazy.

These last three weeks haven’t been great for my body either. I’ve fallen down my stairs carrying my computer, which caused me to have a hair-line fracture in my shin. Alas, I did not drop my computer. And on Thursday while waking early to sneak in some writing time, I dropped my closed computer on my toes, dislocating one and breaking the other. Curse words flew, none of which I will repeat, but like a good Italian girl I did not fling my computer across the room. Instead I drove myself to the hospital, puked on the doctor who put my toe back in place, and carried on.

Sleep. I needed sleep. But, like any dedicated writer I ignored the blurred vision, dizzy spells, and stiff fingers and trudged on. I finished my edits, added another 3000 words to the new book, and wrote a rough draft of an article. My 13 year old son, spots me whenever I use the stairs, and the other two carry my computer from my bed to my desk. It has all worked out well, and I thank God I didn’t break any fingers in the process.

To celebrate I’ve added a song....enjoy!

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