Tuesday, 30 August 2011


With summer holidays coming to an end most mothers can’t wait for a break from the sibling rivalry, late nights, and do not forget the ever present echo of “I want.” By the time August hits most moms are more excited than their kids for the day-to-day routine back to school brings.

As they shop for school supplies it is like watching children in a candy store. With their fixed smiles plastered on their overjoyed faces. The isles are abuzz with their polite parley and fun banter, as they exchange kind “hellos” and high fives. They’re all getting ready to set sail on the same ship. It may not be the “Good Ship Lollipop” but rather its own sweet and tantalizing journey, with the promise of a satisfying splendour to be reached by all!

Ahhh, yes back to school. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Today is the day all mothers unite and sing the same tune. A song of the habitual early morning breakfasts, packed lunches, and off onto the bus.
No more of the marooning cords that have been played for the past two months. The stresses of how to fill the days disappear, and the repeated “I’m bored” is silenced.

And tomorrow morning at 9:00am a contented sigh may escape, for all will be normal once again.

In celebration of back to school I’ve added a song.

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Monday, 8 August 2011


In celebration of Book Week I thought I`d discuss one of my favourite authors.

I enjoy short stories and often read them for a quick fiction fix. One of my favourites is The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. This story was introduced to me about six years ago in one of my writing courses and I`ve loved it ever since, making me a Ms. Jackson fan forever.

If you’ve never heard of Ms Jackson, let me enlighten you. She has written more than 50 short stories which have been published in Women`s Day Home Companion to The New Yorker. She was said to be a recluse. She never did any interviews, hardly allowing her audience and fans a glimpse into the great and talented writer. However, if you`ve ever read Ms. Jackson you will come to know a small piece of who she was. She deposited bits of herself and home life into her stories.

A mother to four children and married to literary critic Stanley Edgar Hyman, Ms Jackson found time to not only write short stories but novels as well. She didn`t just stick to one genre either, writing everything from murder mystery to children`s books. Ms. Jackson is the essence of what kind of writer I aspire to be. She passed away in 1965, leaving behind a legacy of literary brilliance.

The Lottery, to me is one of the best short stories ever written. Published in The New Yorker in 1948, Ms. Jackson captures the essence of a small town in America who has a yearly lottery. She brings her reader into the sleepy town and the ordinary lives of the people who live there. I don`t want to say too much, for fear of giving the story away, but let me assure you this is no fairy tale.

I`ve attached the link to The Lottery and encourage all of you to read it.

The Lottery


Monday, 1 August 2011

Summer Sizzle Give Away!!

Hey everyone. My publisher is hosting a really cool contest and I wanted to let all my followers know. I've attached the details from their website below. Good luck!!

'Summer Sizzles with Imajin Books' this August: Scavenger Hunt

This summer, celebrate the opening of the innovative Canadian publishing company, IMAJIN BOOKS. Our huge summer event began on July 1, 2011 and we rewarded readers and book reviewers, our way to say "Thank you" for reading our books.

This August, the fun continues with an exciting Summer Sizzler Scavenger Hunt.

This event runs Aug 1 - August 31. Participants have a chance to win some fabulous prizes, including a Kindle ereader with wi-fi.

To enter:
1. Check out our Scavenger host list and click on each blog link.
2. Scavenge through these blogs until you find our Scavenger Hunt badge/graphic. You'll find the graphic at our website, so you'll know what to look for.
3. Email us at imajinbooks@shaw.ca with "Scavenger Hunt" in subject line and the website link to the page with the badge you found, your name, mailing address and phone number, plus the title of the ebook you would like to receive if your name is drawn.
4. Each correct entry counts as an extra entry into our prize draws, so the more you find the badge and send us those links, the more chances you have of winning the Kindle and other prizes.

• 31 winners will receive one ebook of their choice from our published titles.
• 4 winners will received a signed novel (trade paperback) by authors Alison Bruce, Melodie Campbell, Cherish D'Angelo and Cheryl Kaye Tardif.
• Grand Prize: Kindle with Wi-Fi ($140 value): One grand prize winner (Kindle) to be selected from all eligible entries. Additional prizes may be added later.

This contest runs Aug 1 to Aug 31. Winners will be notified by email by September 3rd.

Entrant must be 18 to enter and be a Canadian or USA citizen for paperback and Kindle prizes, but can be international for ebook prizes. No purchase necessary. No substitution, no refunds, no cash value. The grand prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. Void where prohibited by law.

Imajin Books authors, their families and any subcontracted associates of Imajin Books are excluded from this contest.

Imajin Books is an innovative, unique Canadian publisher with an eye on exciting, ever-changing trends and opportunities in publishing that opened its 'doors' to authors worldwide in late February 2011. They promise great reads by wonderful authors, with ebooks priced under $5 and trade paperbacks under $18.

From ImajinBooks.com: The future of reading is ebooks, and the future is NOW!