Monday, 2 January 2012

Thank You Imajin Books and my readers!!

Well another year has come and gone and I have to tell you it has been an exciting one for me.

With the publication of my first book, CHASING CLOVERS and the guidance from my awesome publisher, Imajin Books, 2011 was a blast.

The publicity I’ve received through radio interviews, articles, and reviews has been because of Cheryl K Tardif, publisher at Imajin Books. She has not only taken her time to help me, but all the authors who have partnered with Imajin. It is solely because of her expertise, patience and kind words that I have achieved such great success. She has helped me pave the beginning of what I hope to be a long path as a published author. Thank you, Cheryl.

I had no clue that when becoming a published author I’d be introduced to so many new and wonderful things, one of them being other authors. I can proudly say my friends span the continent from Australia, Estonia, United States, and Canada. These men and women are some of the best authors I’ve read. They have tons of information on the writing world and are always willing to help you or answer your questions. We encourage, and promote each other, while still relating on other topics. It’s great!
I haven’t had the chance to talk with everyone of the authors at Imajin Books, there are so many, but I plan to in 2012.

Whenever I think of the long and bumpy ride it took to get me here, I feel refreshed. As if I’ve been washed clean. I know that you’ve all heard me speak of my rejections, but one thing has been made clear to me. Without all those rejections I wouldn’t have been able to know what kind of writer I wanted to be. I am humbled. I am awed. I am enamoured. I will write with passion, with conviction, with heart. I will strive to create stories that will evoke feelings of empathy, love, anger, remorse and sadness within my readers. I will not give up.

My readers have been so kind with their comments and requests to write another book on Clive, from CHASING CLOVERS. And I promise to write Clive’s story soon. 

I would like to dedicate this posting to my publisher, Cheryl, all my friends, new,old and the ones I’ve yet to meet at Imajin Books, and my wonderful readers. I wish you all success and happiness in the New Year!!

In celebration I’ve posted a song...enjoy! Click here to listen.


On December 26th Kindle Nation featured CHASING CLOVERS as book of the day!
The ebook will be on sale for $1.99 until January 7th.

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