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Angel curled her exhausted body into a tight ball on her bed. The pain in her abdomen was beginning to fade. Her long brown hair, loose from its braid, clung to the sweat on her temple. She had no energy left to wipe it away. She took a shaky breath once the ache had subsided, and let her head rest lightly on her pillow. It wasn't but a few minutes when another piercing spasm sliced through her stomach, jolting her upright. Angel moaned and clutched her midsection. Veins of throbbing torment snaked slowly around her back and seized her whole middle.
She bit her bottom lip to muffle the cry she knew would burst from her dry lips. But her efforts proved futile as a loud scream erupted and her eyes clouded with tears. Her stomach felt as if it were about to explode. The hard, swollen mound protruded from the damp white cotton nightgown she was wearing. The door to her room opened, and Doctor Simms entered quietly and calmly. He placed his large hands on her stomach, and she nearly jumped off the bed from the pressure.
"It's almost time," he said to her, pushed up his sleeves to wash his hands at the basin on her dresser.
Angel's breaths came in short, quick puffs. Her hands instinctively searched out the sheet on either side of her, ready to tear it from the straw-filled mattress. Her crotch felt heavy and it pulsed with urgency. A gush of liquid burst from between her legs and soaked the bed beneath her. An uncontrollable urge to push took over. She sat up and pulled her legs inward. She drew in a deep breath, pressed her chapped lips together and pushed with all her might.
The doctor was in front of her now, and nudged her shaking legs farther apart. "A few more pushes and the baby will be out."
The agony of it all was too much. She didn't know if she could stand the pain any longer. Her tired body was hot and sticky, and her legs felt numb. Her stomach tightened again, and she couldn't help but push. Her crotch burned―the pressure from the baby's head unbearable.
The room blurred, and her head started to spin. She panicked, fearing she was going to die. Her life was ending, and she would never see her baby's face. Her middle was going to tear in two. She pushed again. Her body stretched and ripped, allowing the small life to come through. She ground her teeth together and groaned loudly.
A baby's cry pierced the quiet night. she reached down, touching the baby girl that had slipped from her womb. Shiny and wet, she was the most beautiful thing Angel had ever laid eyes on. The pain gone, she examined her daughter, now cradled in her arms. Pink lips quivered as the baby mewled. Angel bent to brush a light kiss on her damp forehead.
The doctor handed her an old yellow blanket. With shaky hands she began to clean her daughter.
The room was lit by one lamp, casting the room in an orange glow. Calm and serene, Angel glanced out the window. All she could see were the white fluffy snowflakes that stuck to the glass. She snuggled closer to the bundle in her arms. She was warm, and for the first time in her life, truly happy.
"I've got your money, Doc." Her voice was hoarse from the long labor. She rummaged under her pillow and grabbed a brown tin. Inside was the money she'd been saving. Not much there, she counted out a few coins and handed them to the doctor.
Shaking his head, Doctor Simms spoke clearly, "It's already been taken care of, Dear."
Angel glanced up confused.
The bartender and owner of the Saloon had paid for her delivery? Angel knew she shouldn't have been surprised. He'd felt guilty about what had happened to her and wanted to somehow make it right.
"Me and little Emma," she said her daughter's name for the first time, "we plan on getting out of here and starting fresh someplace else." She watched as the doctor's kind blue eyes moved around the tiny room. She owed him and Sam so much more than her thanks. They had both helped her when no one else had, or wanted to.
The room she rented upstairs at the saloon was a far cry from the white house the doctor called home. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment when she noticed the bawdy gowns that she had to wear scattered across the floor. Her life had no meaning before this day, and she was determined to give her daughter the life she never had. Emma whimpered, and Angel gazed down at her child. The love she felt for her daughter came instantly.
Doctor Simms shrugged into his coat, and said quietly, "You'll do right by her. Chances are he'll be passing through here again soon, and he'll come looking for you." He stared directly into Angel's eyes. She saw pity in their kind depths.
"When you leave here, don't ever come back." He gave her one last look, and left the room.
She heard the doctor's warning and her body shuddered. She knew the doctor was right. He'd come back. He said he would, and as sure as Monday followed Sunday, he'd come looking for her. Emma cried and she gently rocked her baby back and forth while humming the lullaby Sam had taught her.

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