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Bestselling author, Mary A Adair is on my blog today!

Thanks to Kat for hosting me on her gorgeous blog. To show my appreciation to her readers, I’ll be giving away an e-book of PASSION’S VISION, book one of my Passion series.

When I decided to try my hand at writing historical romance, I looked back at my family history for a story to tell. I was not able to learn much about my own family’s history. Actually, I was not able to find out much at all. I am still trying to get to know my ancestors, but that is another story.

One day my husband casually mentioned his ancestor, James Adair. When he told me the story, I could not believe he had been sitting on this! James Adair was bigger than life and lived in the time in history that had always fascinated me. This man inspired the entire Passion series. I wrote PASSION'S VISION several years ago. Doing so required quite a bit of research—a great deal of time in the library and talking to my husband’s relatives who were willing to relate the stories they had heard.

This ancestor, James Adair, wrote the definitive book outlining the lives of several Native American tribes. At the time I was researching this book, Adair's HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS, was difficult to find but I located an old copy. There are several versions available now in which the book is explained and rewritten so it is easier to understand. One such version is by Kathryn E. Holland Braund, Auburn University.

Mrs. Braund’s book was not available while I was researching. I struggled through the sometimes difficult to understand original version and enjoyed every moment. I used James Adair’s as one of my sources for research on the time as well as research on the man himself. I must add, much of my own romantic imagination went into creating James Fitz-Gerald. PASSION'S VISION is a fictional story about the love that grew between an agent of King George II and a woman warrior of the Cherokee tribe. Thanks to Adair's book, I feel I was able to bring to life a time in history filled with adversity, pain, and adventure as well as pride, justice, and a love for community and nature that sometimes feels lost in the world today.

Here’s the blurb for the first in the series, PASSION’S VISION:

Passion's Vision takes place in the mid 1700's in the Carolina Cherokee villages. James Fitz-Gerald is an agent for the Court of King George II. James is on an undercover mission from the King when he arrives in the Cherokee village, Chota Town. He knows this mission will be his most difficult with the lives of both white families and Native Americans in the balance. With this responsibility weighing heavily on him, the furthest thought from his mind is a romantic entanglement. That is, until his life is saved by a proud and beautiful Cherokee woman.

New Moon, sister to Chief Dancing Cloud, is a warrior in her own right. She hardly notices the white man whose life she saves in battle. But when James arrives in her village, she is reminded of the troubling visions sent to her by the Great Spirit. She determines within her heart, even after a vision from the Great Spirit telling her otherwise, she will never belong to a white man, and most assuredly not to this one her villagers call Red Panther.

PASSION’S VISION is the story of the love and respect that grows between an agent for the Court of King George II and a Cherokee Princess. Their lives are destined to be filled with adventure and triumph, sometimes with loss and pain, but always with passion.

Here’s an excerpt from PASSION’S VISION:
New Moon sat back on her haunches and rubbed the small of her back with one hand as she wiped the other arm across her sweaty brow. Breathing a soft moan, she arched backward in an attempt to ease the persistent ache. There were other chores that needed her attention, but she felt safe here in the garden. She was sure she would not run into him here among the vegetables.

Her heart was not happy to think the spirits might actually send such a man to her. Not when the good man that was her husband had been killed by one of his kind.

A shiver of apprehension ran down her spine and she glanced over her shoulder. Her gaze landed on the very one she tried to avoid. She knew she should turn her back and continue with her work. Instead, she twisted herself around so she could watch him better.

He leaned against a nearby tree lazily watching the clouds float above his head. He no longer wore the buckskins he had arrived in, but instead wore the narrow loincloth and short moccasins of the Ani-Yunnuiya, the Principal People.

She grunted in disapproval. Does he think dressing as a warrior will make him a warrior? If that is what he thinks, then he is wrong. She shifted her position slightly as she watched him closely. He didn’t even sense her scrutiny. No wonder his party walked into an ambush, she mused with disgust. This man was no warrior. Surely her vision had come from the prankster!

Against her will, New Moon’s gaze was drawn to his hair, which hung long and straight to just below his shoulders. She had never seen hair of that color. It shone with the deep rich color of the river clay, just as her dream had shown her.

So his hair is an unusual color, she scolded her inner voice. It was probably common where he came from. Maybe hair of such a color was a bad omen.

He turned in her direction and raised his arms to rest them on a branch that stretched just above his head. She observed the way his muscles rippled along his large frame when he moved.
Something caught his eye and he turned his face away. Grinning, he propped his temple on his forearm.

New Moon tore her gaze to look toward the playing field. He watched Buffalo, the young half-breed from the trading post. Her attention returned to the white man and her heartbeat quickened. His new position gave her an excellent view of his firmly muscled chest and upper arms.

An unwelcome tingling erupted in her belly. A trembling breath filled her lungs and she allowed her gaze to wander lower along the rippled length of his narrow waist.

Why shouldn’t she look? She excused herself and relaxed. Her eyes were drawn lower still to his powerfully built legs that looked as if they could run forever, and she wondered how it would feel to run at his side. Her senses reeled with the eerie feeling of dream walking. Someday she would know.

She steeled herself against the flood of anticipation that washed over her body and sent her every fiber of being into chaotic response.

Her vision began a slow return trip upward, lingering over the rounded muscles of his calves. Her fingers tightly gripped her bent knees as her gaze continued upward to the sleek strength of his thigh and hip that showed on each side of his loincloth…which, she realized with a start, was draped in the most peculiar angle.

Great Spirit!

Her gaze flew to his and then quickly away, but not before she saw an auburn brow arch and his lips quirk in amusement.

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About the author:

Mary A. Adair is an Amazon bestselling author of Native American romance, including the poignant PASSION’S VISION, recipient of the Betty Hendricks Award. Mary did extensive research on several Native American tribes for the 18th century setting of her books. One of her many sources for learning about the rich Cherokee culture of that period was a book written in the mid 1700s by James Adair, an ancestor of her husband.

Mary is also the author of CAPTIVE SPIRITS, a young adult fantasy. In addition to being an author, she is a registered laboratory technician in radiology and phlebotomy. After spending most of her life as a Texan, she now lives in Souteastern Oklahoma with her husband and their menagerie of animals.
Twitter @MaryAdairdotcom

Thanks again to Kat Flannery for hosting me.


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