Friday, 15 November 2013

Krysta's Unique Bowtique!

        Today I have Krysta Ivers from Unique Bowtique. She is a bow making genius and I'm thrilled to have her answer a few questions on what she does and how she got started making bows! 

      Welcome, Krysta and thank you for being here.   
      Thank you for having me on, Kat!


     Tell us about Krysta’s Unique Bowtique? 

Krysta’s Unique Bowtique is your one stop shop for cheer bows and bow accessories. I hand make my products from home and fill team, club and individual orders! I offer a wide range of products to choose from to fill your cheer bow needs!
      How long have you been making bows?

I was inspired by a cheer teammate last year who was playing around with making bows so I gave it a try and loved it. It has been just over a year now that I have been making bows.

                                                        Where do you make them?

I make my bows at home in my basement. Luckily I now have a spare bedroom that doubles as my bow room where I have all of my equipment and materials set up. Every bow is totally handmade, so sometimes the creative process of filling orders can leave the room looking a little ribbon crazy.

         What inspires you to create different styles?
      I take a look at different styles of bows on the internet and I try to think of how I could make them flashier and more me. Also, when I look online to order ribbon I always try to find something new to inspire me, a new design of ribbon or fabric can have my head spinning with ideas! Luckily most of the people that order for me allow me to have full creative control over the style of bow(s) I create for them, which is fantastic and lots of fun!

      How long does it take to fill an order?

It depends on the size of the order and the complexity of the bows. For a very basic order of about 25 bows I can complete these in one day. For larger or more elaborate bows the order can take a few weeks to fill BUT anytime there is a timeline to be aware of I am always willing to work hastily to meet those time requirements.

How much are the bows?

My products range in pricing depending on what you are looking for but my large cheer bows
generally start at $5.00 for very simple bows and can go up to about $13.00 for something more elaborate. The price really varies with the order and I can work well with a team’s budget.

Do you make anything else other than bows?

The products that I create come in many different forms such as; cheer bows, bow key chains, bow headbands for babies and adults and I have even made a wedding veil with a cheer bow on it! I am open to trying anything bow related!

Where can we find you?

      You can find my page on Facebook at Krysta’s Unique Bowtique.

About Krysta: 

I live a life full of what I consider to be the most fulfilling sport ever, cheerleading. I have cheered on both high school and all-star cheer teams and I coach as well. Along with this busy life of sports involvement I am a stay at home mother of my two year old daughter, Emma. When Emma goes down to sleep I break out my creative side and get to work on my cheer bows, which has become rather successful! I get to display my artistic side through my bows and I love it!

(Krysta is the one on the top)

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