Thursday, 16 October 2014

Creating Pril of the Peddler's.

As a writer I strive to give the reader a great story wrought with suspense, action, drama and
romance. I express my own feelings through my characters when writing an emotional scene. I agonize over the simplest of words while trying to convey an emotion. I type and delete only to re-type the same sentence again with added passion. I utilize the five senses to the best of my ability, writing them differently each time.
I place raw—real feelings within my characters. I write their actions according to what most would do, their reactions are an outcome of who they’ve become. I will not compromise them for a happy ending.

Blood Curse is filled with adventure, greed, hate, lust and love. The journey of Pril and Kade will take you to a far away land in Colonial America during 1723. 

Before I started writing this story I studied my characters. As with all of my novels my characters nestle themselves within my heart and attach to my soul. Pril and Kade were no different. I fell in love with them, with their strength, their sorrow and their honor. I only hope you do too.

Introducing Pril of the Peddlers:

When the plot had begun to form for BLOOD CURSE, I had to create my lead character, Pril. My dad actually named her. It was a conversation over coffee when he told me of a girl he used to go to school with named Pril. I liked the name, but wasn’t stuck on it. However, the darn name wouldn’t leave my mind. I kept seeing my character; red hair, brackets jingling on her wrists, bright shawl, pert nose and sable eyes, and Pril kept popping up. Instead of fighting it, I gave in and my gypsy came to life.

The Peddler's were a clan of misfit gypsies, who had come together due to fearing the Monroe's. Some were attacked, other's lost their whole family and Pril and her brothers, Milosh and Galius took them in. The Peddler's derive from what they do; they Peddle wares and these particular gypsies sell potions, healing balms, herbs, and fortunes. 

I created Pril to be tough, mouthy, and resilient. She was skilled with a bow and could throw her fist better than some men, all taught to her by Galius her oldest brother.
Pril needed to be strong in order to go up against the wealthy Monroes. Yet, I wanted to give her frailties too. I instilled fear within her. A constant worry when it came to her child. I made her insecure, gifted with only certain magical abilities. Due to her insecurities she couldn’t perform crucial spells. This would be the cause of her guilt.

Pril of the Peddler's was born, the character that would push the story along. The main reason the reader would continue to turn the pages and as I wrote, I began to adore her.

BLOOD CURSE is available at all Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Createspace retailers. :)



  1. Great story!!! I know other readers will be mesmerized by the story. thank you!!!

  2. Thank YOU for the kind comment. :) Have a wonderful day.