Friday, 30 January 2015

Thank you to all who voted for my books and to the PRG for nominating them in the 2014 Reviewers Choice Awards!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PRG's Reviewers Choice Nominee!!

I cannot believe my books have been nominated for the 2014 Reviewers Choice Awards at the Paranormal Romance Guild. 

It is an honour to be included--to be considered. 

I have two books, LAKOTA HONOR & BLOOD CURSE listed in the Historical Paranormal Category...TWO!! I am jumping for joy. Did I mention BRANDED TRILOGY is also nominated for best Historical Paranormal Series too??!! 

It's all too much!

I am simply enamoured--overtaken by giddiness and I do not get giddy it is not in my makeup. I'm Italian. I can be loud, blunt, talk with my hands, but giddy...I am not. 

Any writer understands how this nomination is a silent nod of acceptance, a pat on the back, a clinking of champagne glasses. It is recognition for all the hard work you've put into your writing. I'm not concerned with winning, it doesn't matter...for me I've already won. I was nominated.

Happy Tuesday, Friends. :)

Thank you, PRG!! You guys rock!


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

KatScratch: Ramblings of a Crazed Writer...

I love my job…but there are days when I dread it too. The worst part about being an author is the beginning. Yes, the start—the first sentence—the prelude to what I’m hoping is a great story.

The plotting and sub plotting are an emotional upheaval as well, and are a large part of the creation process. An idea doesn’t just pop into my head. It mulls and saunters in and out, leaving small fragments of details to a story that will somehow—someway weave together to create a warm blanket of words. One that I hope will keep my reader cozy for a few evenings.

Then there are the questions. 

I've sat up many nights consoled by the clinking of the bottle as I pour myself a whiskey and contemplate the story over in my head. Will the miniscule idea that I’ve pondered for weeks transform itself into a page-turning novel? Will the words flow from my imagination onto the page, typed in a way that will leave my reader breathless?  Will the insistent pounding of the keyboard entice action, adventure, suspense, and love scenes that intertwine to become a work of art? 

Oh, the horror of it all!!!

AND you cannot forget the most important questions…why would anyone read my novel? What makes it different from any other story out there?

That last one is the sinker. It’s the reason I'm up all hours into the night, why my brain is on overload and I only hear bits and pieces of conversations around me. Where some days I think I'm clinically insane. I wonder if the story in my head will ever flush it's way out and when it does will I be myself again?

No one ever said writing was easy. In fact, it’s damn hard. It isn’t all 5 star reviews and publishing contracts up the wazoo. There is no entitlement when it comes to this job. You have to work for every bit of success you want.

There are deadlines, revisions, edits, edits, edits and marketing (I'll discuss those on another day)…after all that’s done you’ll find yourself staring at a blank page, with a glimmer of an idea and a bottle close by. 


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ten Bits of Advice for Aspiring Authors

A few months ago while I was promoting my newest release Blood Curse, I was asked by an Interviewer 'What Ten Pieces of Advice I'd Give Aspiring Authors?' 

I love helping other authors, aspiring or otherwise. After all, we are all in this together. But if you're in this business to compete against your fellow writers and hold stock to who's selling more books, then you're writing for the wrong reasons. 

Write to tell a story--a damn good one.

1.     Write everyday, or try to. You will need this discipline when you’re published. If you do not have it you will never finish a novel.

2.     Throw your ego out the window. No one likes a know it all, and publishers, editors and your peers are no different. An ego will get you nowhere.

Write because you have to--it's a part of who 
you are. 

3.     Learn your grammar. Writing a book is not a simple task, but if you do not know the simple rules of grammar you will not succeed.

4.     Get an editor. This is an essential part of the writing process. An editor will see things you cannot. Their job is to enhance your writing through sentence structure, grammar, and suggestions. They should not re-write your novel.

Write to calm the voices inside your head.

5.     Know your audience. You cannot write a book if you do not know whom you’re writing it for. You will need to know this if you want to send to publishers.

6.     Write a blog. This will keep you writing in your down time and will give you a presence on social media. Most publishers ask for an online presence within their submission guidelines and this is a perfect way to do it.

    Write to tell a story--not sell a million books.

7.     Learn how to market. Social media is the main source of marketing for authors. Blog, meet other authors, tweet…engage.

8.     Be smart. Do not post things on social media you do not want thousands to read. Even if you only have 50 friends, if one shares and so on, a bad post could ruin your career.

Write for the sheer love of placing fingers 
to keyboard.

9.     Read. If you want to be a writer you need to be a reader first.

10.  Take writing classes. You will meet other writers. Receive bit of criticism on your work and learn things about the craft you never knew. breathe.