Friday, 24 July 2015

Ramblings of a Crazed Writer: Characters.

Let’s discuss characters. Whether one, two, or three dimensional these plot driven fictitious bastards are devious little creatures that have caused me to shout at my lap top, toss a book across the room, shake my hand in the air, and drink heavily.

There is always more than one character, and in some cases there are too many and I need to keep a list of them. (one word: nightmare)
But it is the stubborn character, the one with a mind of his/her own that always throws me for a loop.

For instance, I am writing the third book to the Branded Trilogy and I am super pumped for this one. I’ve taken months to plot out the book, create new characters, and add twists and turns. It will be awesome!

Easy peasy, right? WRONG!

Nothing is easy when you have a character like mine. He has become a living being outside of my head who is constantly yammering on about his story. This spells danger, disaster, whiskey, and more whiskey for me.

I am the inventor of the book. I write the damn thing, but this character has other motives. He wants to go in another direction that I had not planned on. And planning is everything when writing a book, especially to someone who has OCD.

I have tried to appease him by placing him in other situations, or pulling him in the direction I need him to go, but the bugger won’t budge. Hell, I’ve even threatened to write him out of the bloody book, but he says I need him and is firm on me moving him in the way he wants to go.

Am I crazy? After all this is a fictitious character. One, may I remind you, I created. Does it matter
that I have long winded conversations with him almost everyday on the plotting of the book? How about the fact that the other protagonist has decided to join in? She feels the same way.
How did this happen? They were so good in the second book, following orders and doing everything I wrote. Now, they’re like my dog when I walk her, she is always pulling me the opposite direction.
What gives?

I am good to these guys. Yes, I write them into some unfortunate situations, but I always get them out. I give them what they deserve by the end of the book. Why are they complaining?
I never hear anything from the antagonist. He is right as rain being the villain, doing any despicable thing I write. He doesn’t stop me mid paragraph and want to be the protagonist for goodness sakes. He is happy with his place in the book…even if I kill him off!

Not my protagonists. They keep telling me it is their story and I need to stay true to them. I get that! But I had it all plotted out…can’t they see how much work I’ve put in already? I don’t want to change things now!
I know this insanity will not stop. They will continue to whisper in my ear what they want. I won't get anything done...and writing the book, well that will cease too. 
I love them, even though they piss me off. They’ve become my best friends, who I cherish, but at the same time I’d like to delete. 

I haven't a choice...
I want to tell their story. Which means one thing...I’ll have to write it the way they want me to.

Happy Friday, Friends!!!