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Lakota Honor Coming Soon in Audio Book!

I never thought I'd get the opportunity to have one of my books published in audio, but it has happened and I have Apparatus Auspicious Press to thank for it! 

Book 1 in the Branded Trilogy!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why Anne Rice is Awesome!

When SACRED LEGACY was in the editing stages with my publisher, Imajin Books, it was up to me to find endorsements for my new book. This is one of the author jobs I don’t particularly like. I can never get the email right, self-doubt shrouds me, and anxiety sits in the back of my throat waiting to steal my breath and cramp my chest.

Anne Rice was one of the authors I decided to contact. I know she is way out of my league, and I am just a miniscule author compared to her and all of her achievements, but I admire her so much I thought I’d give it a try.

Over the six years I have been a published author, I’ve had the honor to hold small conversations with Miss Rice via her Facebook page. She has even shared one of my blog posts, which I will never forget and will forever be thankful for.

I drafted an email asking Miss Rice if she’d read my new book, SACRED LEGACY, and possibly
offer me a review blurb. This was a long shot I know, but to be honest I didn’t think she’d get my email. I figured a short form letter that was given to all her fans was the response, if any, I'd receive.

So after numerous drafts trying to get the email just right, several cups of coffee later, and a new twitch I'd developed in my left eye, I hit send. I told myself there would be no reply today and went about my routine.

Twenty-five minutes later I received a notification in my mailbox from Anne Rice. It was not a form letter, but a simple note written with kindness by none other than one of my favorite authors, Miss Rice herself.

She did not accept to read my book, and to some of you this may not be good news. However, to me it was everything!
Anne wrote me back!
Yes, she denied the opportunity to read SACRED LEGACY, but she read my email, she read the whole thing, and she wished me luck! I understood why she could not read the book she was suffering from shingles and Bells Palsey at the time to which I wished her a speedy recovery.

Anne Rice is the author I want to be…

You see, Miss Rice does not hold herself on a pedestal because she’s sold millions of books. She does not reek of arrogance, and ego-driven mentality because she’s been a New York Times Bestseller, and is basically known all over the world. She is kind, demure, and genuine. She holds conversations on her page with her thousands of fans. She shares posts, she engages, showing who she is and what she stands for. If comments get out of hand she handles them with the utmost respect for those on the page, and for herself.

I aspire to be the author Anne Rice is, not for the riches and celebrity, but instead the self-effacing, the always knowing where I came from, the one who gives back, the author who emails a small-time author personally to wish them well on their book, to tell them it sounds wonderful…and maybe…had she not been sick she might have read it?

It is people like Anne who make the world a better place, and it is the author Miss Rice is that instills hope in someone like me to believe anything is possible, and no matter what happens within my career genuine heartfelt kindness is what really matters most. 

"Whether you're a writer or a person trying to go on learning from things, you try your best to be charitable to others. Never, never to hurt their feelings. Never, never to be cold. Never to be indifferent. Never to think that your grief or your pain, entitles you to do that to another human being. The words from St. Paul are absolutely true - we must have charity, and we must have love. That's what grief has taught me. It's taught me to love. I think I can love more deeply now than ever. I think God has been very good to me in giving me that capacity. I want to put that into my novels."  ~ Anne Rice

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The month of August is all about my SACRED LEGACY book tour! I've posted all my stops below if you want to follow along. Enter to win a $100 Amazon card or a Kindle HD. 

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New Release! Judy Penz Sheluk's Skeletons in the Attic...

What goes on behind closed doors doesn’t always stay there…
Calamity (Callie) Barnstable isn’t surprised to learn she’s the sole beneficiary of her late father’s estate, though she is shocked to discover she has inherited a house in the town of Marketville—a house she didn’t know existed. But there are conditions attached to Callie’s inheritance: she must move to Marketville, live in the house, and solve her mother’s murder.  
Callie’s not keen on dredging up the past, but if she doesn’t do it, there’s a scheming psychic named Misty Rivers who is more than happy to expose family secrets. Determined to thwart Misty and fulfill her father’s wishes, Callie accepts the challenge and encounters numerous skeletons in the attic.
Editorial Reviews:
Skeletons in the Attic is a thought-provoking, haunting tale of decades-old deception. In this first-of-a-new series, Judy Penz Sheluk reveals herself to be a masterful storyteller, weaving a page-turner that hooked me from the start and kept me intrigued until the stunning finale.” —Annette Dashofy, USA Today bestselling author of the Zoe Chambers mystery series 
“Mystery readers will find Callie a compelling protagonist, the plot a fine, winding investigative piece that redefines the concept of “dirty laundry” and whether or not it should be aired in public or secreted forever, and the story of how family connections, wealth, and truth can take on lives of their own a vivid production that translates to thoroughly engrossing reading right up to a completely unexpected, thought-provoking surprise conclusion.” —Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review
About Judy:
Judy Penz Sheluk’s debut mystery novel, The Hanged Man’s Noose, was published inSkeletons in the Attic, the first book in her Marketville Mystery Series, was published/will be published in WHEN. Judy’s short crime fiction appears in World Enough and Crime, The Whole She-Bang 2, Flash and Bang and Live Free or Tri.
In her less mysterious pursuits, Judy works as a freelance writer, specializing in art, antiques and the residential housing industry; her articles have appeared regularly in dozens of U.S. and Canadian consumer and trade publications. Past editorial responsibilities have included the roles of Senior Editor, Northeast Art & Antiques, and Editor, Antiques and Collectibles Showcase. She is currently the Editor of Home BUILDER Magazine, and the Senior Editor for New England Antiques Journal.
Judy is also a member of Sisters in Crime International, Sisters in Crime - Guppies, Sisters in Crime - Toronto, Crime Writers of Canada, International Thriller Writers, Inc. and the Short Mystery Fiction Society. She lives in a small town northwest of Toronto, Ontario.
Find Judy on her website/blog at, where she interviews other authors and blogs about the writing life.

Monday, 22 August 2016

I have author, Andy Peloquin on my blog today telling us what inspired him to write his newest release, LAMENT OF THE FALLEN. 

What Inspired the Hunter?

The Hunter is a half-demon assassin, the sort of character you'd usually find as the VILLAIN in a fantasy novel rather than the hero. Well, make no mistake: the Hunter is no hero. He as much as says so in the first book:
"So the great Hunter turns his back on who he is," the First mocked. "He disowns his blood to play the hero, the protector."
The Hunter gritted his teeth. "I am no protector, demon," he snarled, pounding his chest with bestial ferocity. "I am the Hunter, and tonight, you are my prey."
The Hunter is an assassin, a cynic who has seen the worst of humanity. Over his long lifespan, he has witnessed people doing terrible things in the name of their god, coin, greed, honor, or even love.
So what could drive me to write such a character? Seems like I'd have a pretty bleak outlook on life to write this kind of maudlin, gritty person.
You'd be wrong…
I'm actually a very optimistic person, and I love to see the brighter side of life. I always believe the best of people. My wife actually tells me I'm too trusting and naïve, and people will take advantage of that.
The Hunter is pretty much the opposite of who I am. Into him, I put all the pessimism that my optimistic nature stubbornly refuses to believe, and the cynicism that contrasts my trust. And yet, in his own way, he still has the nobility of character that I think we should all aspire to. There's enough of who I believe I am to make him a character people will want to read.
The inspiration for the Hunter came from a short story I wrote almost a decade ago. In this story, a terrified man is fleeing an implacable, bloodthirsty monster that is sent to hunt him down. When I started writing again in 2013, I thought, "Well, that could make an interesting story." But, instead of making the character a monster, I decided to make him a bit more human. Human enough that he is relatable and sympathetic, but not so human that he's a typical heroic character.
And thus the Hunter was born. He inspires terror in his victims, for he is implacable and, in the eyes of those he kills, bloodthirsty. He has encouraged a legend in his city of Voramis, creating a mysterious persona that protects his human side. People fear him so much that they never seek to cross him or hunt him down out of vengeance.

Yet beneath that mask lies a person who cares, deeply, for a very limited number of people. Harm a hair on their heads, and there will be hair to pay!

Book Blurb:

The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen
The Hunter of Voramis is no more.
Alone with the bloodthirsty voices in his head, fleeing the pain of loss, he has one objective: travel north to find Her, the mystery woman who plagues his dreams and haunts his memories.
When he stumbles upon a bandit attack, something within urges him to help. His actions set him at odds with the warrior priests commanded to hunt down the Bucelarii.
Left for dead, the Hunter must travel to Malandria to recover his stolen birthright. There, he is inexorably drawn into direct conflict with the Order of Midas, the faceless, nameless group of magicians that holds the city in a grip of terror. All while struggling to silence the ever-louder voice in his mind that drives him to kill.
From feared assassin to wretched outcast, the Hunter's journey leads him to truths about his forgotten past and the Abiarazi he has pledged to hunt. His discoveries will shed light on who he really is…what he really is.
Fans of Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, and Brent Weeks will love the Hunter…


He filled his lungs with the fresh night air. The taste of smoke mixed with the earthy scent of loam. The warmth of the fire soothed and relaxed him, the hypnotic rhythm of the dancing flames calming his mind. The fatigue of the day washed over him, and he allowed his eyelids to droop.
The visions came then; memories leapt out at him.
Within the bright depths of the flames, he saw the hell he had glimpsed in the Serenii tunnels. Lord Jahel's face appeared in the fire, laughing, mocking. Bone and skin morphed into the faces of Lord Cyrannius and the First of the Bloody Hand. Shuddering waves of flesh and gristle writhed, shifting, transforming.
Demons roam Einan once more. People treat them as myth and legend, but I know the truth.
The Hunter retreated deeper into his blankets, his sword clutched to his chest. He told himself it was out of habit rather than fear.
He had left Voramis behind, not only to find the truth of the woman whose face plagued him, but to discover the truth of the demons. Curiosity drove him to learn of his past, and his own heritage as a Bucelarii—descendant of the Abiarazi horde.
The demon added its voice to the swirling maelstrom in the Hunter's mind. 'He disowns his blood, all to play the hero, the protector.'
The Hunter was too tired to fight it off.
I'm no hero. If it was up to me, they'd all rot.
He had no desire to save the world. He had no reason to save humans from themselves.
A vision of horror flashed through his mind. Creatures of nightmares seized a screaming child, tearing at pale skin with razor-tipped claws. Blood splashed across chitinous armor as the demons ripped the child apart in their haste to devour the flesh.
The girl bore Farida's face. She lay bloody, mangled, discarded like refuse, gasping her last agonizing breaths.
Oh, child. I am so sorry.
He wished he could scrub the memory from his mind forever. With it gone, the sorrow would leave. He needed no reminder that he was once again alone.
He turned his back on the fire and buried his face in his cloak.
He could turn his back on those who had feared and hated him, yet he had not the strength to hide his face from the suffering of innocents. People like Old Nan, Ellinor, Little Arlo. They would suffer most should the Abiarazi find their way into the world once more.
The demon whispered in his mind. 'Why must you protect them? You are not one of them, after all. You are Bucelarii.'
They do not deserve such suffering.
He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed back against the demon's voice.
I'm doing this for them.
He pictured Farida the way he had seen her that day in the Temple District, with that same bright smile. She was happy. That was what mattered, and that was what he would remember.
I'm doing this for her.

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